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Dress Like a Superhero (Super-Human Wallet Required)

So you’re sitting around on a rainy day and have $1700 burning a hole in your deep, deep pocket – why not visit UD Replicas and spend all of it or more on some of their amazing hollywood-replica motorcycle suits based on some of your favourite franchises.  Want to look just like Batman while you speed around town on your Kawasaki Ninja?  Obviously, so do it for a nominal fee (‘nominal’ used here in considering the mass amount of life/experiential value these suits will bring to your life).


My sunglasses should illustrate that this is not a joke.

In the event that Batman isn’t your thing (in which case you should be shot), why not hit up ebay for a limited edition Captain America suit that UD Replicas produced for a short period of time.  What makes this suit even cooler is the fact that Cap‘ actually rides a motorcycle in the comics / films.  Amazing.


No word on the Shield’s ability to return when chucked.

The site also produces Star Wars replica storm trooper outfits in both black & white, as well as Tron themed suits, and some other goodies.  Importantly, while these are all replica suits from major movie franchises, all are of high grade materials are are safety rated for real life motorcycles – meaning if you’ve got the cash for both a bike and one of these suits, you can be cruising around town fighting crime (or pretending to) as early as mid-April!

If you’d like to donate to my specific Dark Knight costume fund, please contact me directly or mail me wads of unmarked bills (or just use the Paypal link below).  I will, in return, wear the suit every time I blog and, furthermore, host video live-blogging sessions in full bat-character.  Thank you and that is all.


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MUSIC: Imagine Dragons at Toronto’s Sound Academy


As an indie rock band out of Las Vegas, Nevada, one may not have expected Imagine Dragons to do what they’ve done – headline a relatively successful North American tour, gain a solid footing in domestic radio, and dominate the charts so early in their careers; their debut album Night Visions had the best first week by a rock band since 2006 with over 80 thousand units sold.

Appearing at Toronto’s Sound Academy last night, the band put on one hell of a show, providing somewhat abstract, though themed musical interlude between each song to lead into the next.  Lead singer Dan Reynolds even seemed to drop vebal hints to the audience between songs as to which might come next, and did his best to develop a special relationship with the crowd.  “We’re only back here because of you,” he said, going on to express his and the band’s gratitude for the audience members’ contributions to the band’s gaining popularity through the sharing of their music with friends, family, and social media sites.

The Sound Academy was, admittedly, not the greatest place to see a band play and, after having checked some reviews of the venue online, I was beginning to dread going entirely; 1-star reviews dominated a good portion of websites, citing poor viewing angles, horrible sound quality, and a ridiculous floor plan.  As we arrived, pulling up to the former nightclub to see a legitimately massive line out front waiting to get through security, we realized the road was a one-way-in-one-way-out kind of deal and so pulled a U-turn, went back up the street, and parked in an Asian grocery store’s parking lot less than a block away to avoid the $20 parking fee at the lot directly across from the venue.  Nicely done!

Once inside I was more impressed with the venue that I thought I’d be and, while there were some negative aspects, the night was a general success.  It seems, as a side note, that the tallest people in the known world (with afros, sometimes) attend events at which a person’s height is a general guarantee or damnation of viewing angle and thus enjoyment – this is the bane of ‘general admission,’ though, I suppose.  The sound quality turned out to be just fine, and while a simple bottle of water cost $5.25, the overall facilities were enough to impress me; that said, I can’t wait for the band to continue their meteoric rise in popularity and eventually land in a venue with tiered seating of some kind so that actually seeing the show isn’t the biggest issue of the night.

Some of the highlights?  Check out these clips (and I apologize in advance for the quality):


Click above to redirect to Imagine Dragons’ website.

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