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Welcome to The Incepted Perspective!

IP LOGO  This is The Incepted Perspective – a social blogging experience aimed at creating a commentary on everything from film and celebrities, to world news, innovation and other inter/national headlines.  It is your job to make sure that you remain current in this world of ours, and it is The Incepted Perspective‘s job to help get you there.  For instance:

Did you know that two London-based designers have developed a lighting system using only the harnessed power of gravity?  Pitch them some cash to help get this project green-lit.  Pun intended.

Or: have you seen the recently released images of NASA’s new spacesuit – and how it compares to Toy Story’Buzz Lightyear’s getup?  Talk about “life imitating art.”

And how about Google Glasses and the bringing of augmented reality to our lives as soon as, well, soon? – and as expensive as, you guessed it, expensive!

As this is only the beginning of the experience, postings may be sporadic and unscheduled, however, future topic and feature ideas are welcome in the comments sections or in my personal inbox.  Future postings will, generally, cover only one subject and be longer than this welcoming message, so stay tuned, and welcome… to The Incepted Perspective.

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