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Pixar Artist Draws R-Rated Movie Scenes

In case you have ever, once, in your entire life doubted the capability or general awesomeness of a Pixar artist, you take that back right goddamn now.

Sorry, it’s these R-rated scenes, I’m tellin’ ya.

Pixar Artist / Story Supervisor, Josh Cooley, whom I originally labelled a ‘Pixar Artish’ before realizing my fingers had got ahead of me and were already working on ‘Josh,’ is trying his hand at something different: using his artistic talent and instincts to re-create some of the most iconic scenes from non-children (read: adult, but not in that way) films, but with the famous Pixar panache.

Samples of Cooley’s artwork can be seen below, and more details about his book, Movies R Fun, can (and should) be found after the (previous) jump.






Similarly awesome examples of the juxtaposition of kid-style art with hilarious, adult-oriented messages can be found here, here, and here.  Also, you can get an audiobook of Samuel L. Jackson reading the first one, in case you are too pansy-assed to read it on your own.

Again, I apologize for the hostility.  It’s totally the scenes.

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Dress Like a Superhero (Super-Human Wallet Required)

So you’re sitting around on a rainy day and have $1700 burning a hole in your deep, deep pocket – why not visit UD Replicas and spend all of it or more on some of their amazing hollywood-replica motorcycle suits based on some of your favourite franchises.  Want to look just like Batman while you speed around town on your Kawasaki Ninja?  Obviously, so do it for a nominal fee (‘nominal’ used here in considering the mass amount of life/experiential value these suits will bring to your life).


My sunglasses should illustrate that this is not a joke.

In the event that Batman isn’t your thing (in which case you should be shot), why not hit up ebay for a limited edition Captain America suit that UD Replicas produced for a short period of time.  What makes this suit even cooler is the fact that Cap‘ actually rides a motorcycle in the comics / films.  Amazing.


No word on the Shield’s ability to return when chucked.

The site also produces Star Wars replica storm trooper outfits in both black & white, as well as Tron themed suits, and some other goodies.  Importantly, while these are all replica suits from major movie franchises, all are of high grade materials are are safety rated for real life motorcycles – meaning if you’ve got the cash for both a bike and one of these suits, you can be cruising around town fighting crime (or pretending to) as early as mid-April!

If you’d like to donate to my specific Dark Knight costume fund, please contact me directly or mail me wads of unmarked bills (or just use the Paypal link below).  I will, in return, wear the suit every time I blog and, furthermore, host video live-blogging sessions in full bat-character.  Thank you and that is all.


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