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Fictional Pepsi MAX Commercial Sees Jeff Gordon Punk Car Dealer

Just a day or two ago a new video/commercial from Pepsi hit the internet airwaves featuring NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon in disguise at a car dealership.  The premise is this:  Gordon, a mild-mannered, mini-van-driving, middle-aged man is on the car lot to look at getting something new.  When he spots a Camaro and the dealer sets his sights on his, Gordon’s Mike responds sheepishly, saying he doesn’t think he could handle the kind of power the Camaro is packing.  Regardless, and as the video and his entire career suggets, he can most definitely handle himself behind the wheel of any car.

What has people talking, however, is the fact that this is not a real punking at all – the whole thing (obviously) was staged, primarily for the safety of all those involved, and it’s all just a clever advert for Pepsi MAX.

While I think you’d have to be pretty gullible to believe something like this would actually happen – especially at the hands of a major corporation who would stand to lose a lot if public opinion turned – it’s fun to entertain the notion.  Further proof as to the video’s ‘fake’ quality is as listed below:

  1. The Camaro has ’09’ on the front windshield when, in actuality, the car wasn’t produced until 2010.
  2. There are no actual shots of Gordon driving the car during the crazy stunt work
  3. Reportedly, the Camaro has no cupholder where Gordon places his tricked-out can of Pepsi MAX
  4. The video was produced by Will Ferrell’s Gifted You, a part of his Funny or Die brand
  5. Stunt work has already been confirmed to have been done by fellow racer Brad Noffsinger

Despite the whole video being an elaborate ruse, it is quite entertaining and I’ve no problem with companies ‘faking’ non-fiction commercials or videos for the sake of hilarity.  Truth be told, they may be better off going this route as the ad-monster takes on a life of its own when fake/real speculation kicks into overdrive.


It was either Pepsi MAX or ‘to catch a predator.’

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