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The DNA Thief: NYC Artist Creates Replica Face Sculptures From Your Discarded Gum

Careful where you leave your DNA, folks; an artist in New York named Heather Dewey-Hagborg (well, that’s unfortunate) has been creating 3D printed sculptures/busts of people’s faces built upon the DNA she has been able to scoop from chewing gum, cigarette butts, and strands of hair.


“Whatever you do, don’t look up its nose.”

Dewey-Hagborg finds a sample, extracts the DNA from it using a “DNA Investigator Kit” that she says is readily available from Qiagen, an online healthcare/lab materials website, and then puts the sample through some rigorous analysis to determine the genetic make-up and appearance of her subject.

Her exhibit, titled Stranger Visions, is a collection of 3D printed faces of the subjects she has chosen and been able to analyze, and each one, interestingly, comes with additional (seemingly irrelevant, but otherwise interesting) details such as the wetness of the person’s earwax, their resistance to Malaria, and the likelihood that each person will become freckly or go bald.

While each piece is undoubtedly creepy, the overall concept is an intriguing one, and her work is groundbreaking and a sign of things to come in the art world.

As for me, I will now be leaving the house each day in a hazmat suit.


“The wetness of my earwax is MY business!”

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Facebook Getting Stale?

Have you grown tired of using Facebook as it's meant to be used – to connect and communicate with friends, build your own social network, and keep up with all of these people's lives?

If you answered yes, then perhaps it's time to try something new (and by 'new' I mean totally creepy, and downright hilarious). One Reddit user, CasinoRoy, felt exactly this way and so took matters into his own hands and did something ingenious:

  • Step One: find users with the same name as his
  • Step Two: choose only those users with ridiculous, self-obsessed profile pictures, then
  • Step Three: replicate those pictures in as close a manner as possible, then set as own profile pic
  • Step Four: finally, send said user a friend request and wait for nervous, angry, or lack of response to follow

Check out some of his actual photo-mockeries below!



Responses, as you can imagine, ranged from mild agitation to full blown rage, confusion and fear. In any case, we salute you CasinoRoy for, at the very least, making the Internet a little less pedestrian.


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