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ICYMI: ‘The Sandlot’ Scene Recreated by NY Yankees


There are only a few things from the early years of my life that I hold close with an absolute ninja grip, and the most important of those things may be cinema.

Movies have the power to inspire, to add colour and intrigue to a life in the ordinary, and to inspire us to be creative, adventurous and, simply, more interesting.

While most of us have extremely fond memories / recollections of watching our favourite movies over and over, I’m sure a great number of us feel as though modern cinema just hasn’t captured that family-oriented action/comedy that was so popular during the 80s and 90s.

For me, this is most embodied in the Back to the Future franchise; its storyline is brilliant, its writing is fantastic, and the way everything works out in the end is just so heartfelt and genuine that it illustrates the passion and love for the craft of storytelling that everyone involved in making the film so wholeheartedly possessed.

While there are many such examples of great films, and films with which I have powerful, long-lasting memories, one of my favourites (and that I still quote to this day) is The Sandlot.

Without going into too much detail because, let’s face it, there are few who are uninitiated in the hilarity that is The Sandlot, here is a brief synopsis: kid is new to town and has no friends – he moved there with his mom and new step dad.  The step dad is a massive baseball fan and has a collection of rare memorabilia.  The kid eventually goes out and makes some friends, who all play ball and, even though he sucks, he joins them in play.  When they lose the last ball they have during play, and wanting to be the hero, he runs home to grab his step dad’s signed Babe Ruth ball and then brings that back to play with.  The ball is then promptly hit over a fence into a terrifying man’s backyard, and is caught by an impossibly huge dog nicknamed the beast.  The rest of the movie is a hilarious quest to retrieve the ball.

Also, Darth Vader himself, James Earle Jones, plays the terrifying old man, who *spoiler* actually isn’t that terrifying.

Anyway, long story short, the New York Yankees did us all an awesome favour and recreated one of the funny scenes from the movie – my vote is for more of this!

Let’s go Anaheim Ducks, I want to see some ‘flying V’ action!

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 8.34.56 PM

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ICYMI: Happy Gilmore returns to kick Bob Barker’s Ass!

In case you missed it…

If you don’t understand the title of the article, please leave.

Now that that’s out of the way, Comedy Central has done us all a massive favour by bringing Adam Sandler and Bob Barker back together on screen.  The two famously kicked each other’s asses in Happy Gilmore back in 1996 (yes, seriously, that was 1996), and we have all been itching for a rematch since the credits rolled.

You’ve waited almost 20 years for this… so wait no longer:

The price is still wrong, bitch

Now, if they could only convince Sandler to do nothing but sequel skits to his mid-90’s catalogue, we would all live in a much better world.  Until then, feel free to re-live the original film’s glory…

Oh, and Bob?  You haven’t aged a day!

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Dress Like a Superhero (Super-Human Wallet Required)

So you’re sitting around on a rainy day and have $1700 burning a hole in your deep, deep pocket – why not visit UD Replicas and spend all of it or more on some of their amazing hollywood-replica motorcycle suits based on some of your favourite franchises.  Want to look just like Batman while you speed around town on your Kawasaki Ninja?  Obviously, so do it for a nominal fee (‘nominal’ used here in considering the mass amount of life/experiential value these suits will bring to your life).


My sunglasses should illustrate that this is not a joke.

In the event that Batman isn’t your thing (in which case you should be shot), why not hit up ebay for a limited edition Captain America suit that UD Replicas produced for a short period of time.  What makes this suit even cooler is the fact that Cap‘ actually rides a motorcycle in the comics / films.  Amazing.


No word on the Shield’s ability to return when chucked.

The site also produces Star Wars replica storm trooper outfits in both black & white, as well as Tron themed suits, and some other goodies.  Importantly, while these are all replica suits from major movie franchises, all are of high grade materials are are safety rated for real life motorcycles – meaning if you’ve got the cash for both a bike and one of these suits, you can be cruising around town fighting crime (or pretending to) as early as mid-April!

If you’d like to donate to my specific Dark Knight costume fund, please contact me directly or mail me wads of unmarked bills (or just use the Paypal link below).  I will, in return, wear the suit every time I blog and, furthermore, host video live-blogging sessions in full bat-character.  Thank you and that is all.


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FUTURETECH: Cinema That Adapts to its Audience

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 7.23.02 PM

In news that is damn near straight out of science fiction, writer/director/composer Alexis Kirke is producing a film called Many Worlds that interprets biosensor data collected from the film’s active audience and then changes on-the-fly to reflect their state.  The film, inspired by Schrodinger’s “quantum suicide” experiment, follows friends Charlie and Olivia on a visit to their friend Connie’s house for her 19th birthday – and this is where things get strange.

Upon arrival at the house the two find, instead of Connie, a sealed, coffin-like box in her bedroom;  the box, in turn, is inferred to contain Connie herself along with a Geiger counter (used to measure radioactivity) which is ultimately connected to a cyanide gas emitter.  What is unknown, however, is whether or not the burst has already occurred, and thus whether Connie, should she actually be sealed inside, is now in full blown corpse-mode, or remains alive.

The story’s outcome, though, is determined subconsciously by a number of audience members whose biometric data (such as heart rate, muscle tension etc.) is being measured and fed in real time to a computer which then changes the progression of the film as if it were a steaming locomotive switching tracks.  The end result is a 15-minute film that can end one of four ways, and that has several branching points leading up to the denouement.  How well it actually comes together remains to be seen, but the thought process and tech behind this is rather astounding, even if the general concept is not a new one.  Kirke himself notes that the hardest part of the process was coming up “with four different endings that wouldn’t embarrass (him).”

Check out the video link below for a more detailed explanation of the whole concept!

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